Corporate Video Production

“Over a hundred years ago minorities fled to a place often called “Sunnyland,” now present day Hollywood, to play out their fantasies through film.”

Sunnyland Pictures is an online marketing company that specializes in building brand trust through the power of video.

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million. We capture the heart of your services and the humanity of your staff. This is a huge reason why most of our clients see at least a 30-40% increase in sales after placing one of our commercials on their homepage. What sets Sunnyland apart from other videography companies is our crew has spectacular Hollywood credentials. We’ve worked on some of the biggest television shows and blockbuster movies EVER and now we’re here to create a customized, affordable production just for you. We believe in fair prices, constant creative collaboration and the overall value of small businesses. That’s why we do what we do!

Over a hundred years ago minorities fled to a place often called “Sunnyland,” now present day Hollywood, to play out their fantasies through film.  Using the power of the ever-present sun, these outcasts paved the way for a new world of cinema and laid the landscape for some of the greatest movies of all time. This is exactly what Sunnyland Pictures is, a group of eclectic creatives who came to LA to tell powerful stories through moving pictures.  We want to tell your unique story to the world.

Why Hire Us?

Sunnyland offers state of the art technology combined with renowned directors,
cinematographers, story producers, animators and editors.

No Ego

We treat our partners as equals and respect their creative contributions

No Red Tape

You have 1 contact & 1 vendor who handles EVERYTHING

Genuine Care

We pride ourselves in our warmth both on and offset


We can work within your budget while coming up with a commercial that looks just as expensive as your competitors

Creative Customization

Our skill level means we aren’t intimidated with your big ideas


We stand by our product and know it will change your business forever

Things we’re good at

We have an extremely streamlined process for producing your commercial. As soon as we receive your deposit we quickly design a production plan and schedule, film your product and staff, and edit the video to completion: all within 30 days.
What separates a good editor from a great one is story production. A documentary editor needs to be able to write a compelling message using your words. Our staff work on some of the highest rated shows on television and our dividends above the rest when it comes to engaging viewers.
So much of getting great footage is making everyone on set feel comfortable, important and aware. We love meeting new people and promoting products we believe in! You will feel this energy immediately, warning; it’s contagious!
93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communications
A video embedded website is 53 times more likely to show up on a Google Search
Forrester Research

The right people

Cody Cadence
Cody CadenceHead of Content
C. Drew Unser
C. Drew UnserCinematographer
Anu Gun
Anu Gun Video Producer
Emily Oman
Emily Oman Director

Meet our happy customers

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands around and will use all of that experience to grow your business like never before!