How to use Google Adwords to Market Your Business on YouTube

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve used Adwords before to help market your business. Millions of businesses have done so. And with good reason–search traffic can be some of the most valuable traffic you can get. Because there are so many Google users, placing an ad alongside the organic results is quite
an effective way to […]

Patience Pays Off

Patience pays off every time! After a long day of shooting at Doheny State Beach in Southern California for client GEOSCIENCE, the perfect shot was captured. Enjoy this time lapse video and the beautiful scenery as the birds take flight over the ocean.

Whether its on location, in a studio, or at your office, our cinematographers […]

Video Advertising works for Small Businesses

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times: small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. You hear it all the time because it’s true. So it’s especially encouraging to me to see them not only embracing video as a valid online advertising format, but also succeeding with it.

There is always […]